Flanschenwerk Bebitz GmbH is located in the eastern part of Germany and has a capacity of around 24,000 tons per year. Our customers appreciate the quality of our products, the high service level and our customer orientation. Foundation for this is a continuous improvement of our processes and investments in state of the art technologies.

Our products are used in the following branches

  • Energy (Power generation, oil and gas processing)
  • Plant, machinery and equipment
  • Automotive
  • Ship building
  • Transmission and bearings
  • Chemical industry
  • Processing industry



OT Bebitz
Lebendorfer Strasse 1
06420 Koennern

phone: +49 34691 40-0
fax: +49 34691 40-392
e-mail: info(at)

Contact persons

Mr. Michael Koenig

Michael Koenig

Manager Sales and Marketing

phone: +49 34691 40-255

e-mail: m.koenig(at)

Mrs. Ute Krause

Ute Krause

Sales Manager

phone: +49 34691 40-375

e-mail: u.krause(at)

Mr. Egon Gryczka

Egon Gryczka

Sales Manager

phone: +49 34691 40-374

e-mail: e.gryczka(at)

Mrs. Natalia Bavina

Natalia Bavina

Sales Manager

phone: +49 34691 40-371

e-mail: N.Bavina(at)

Mrs. Anne-Marie Butzmann

Anne-Marie Butzmann

Sales Manager

phone: +49 34691 40-377

e-mail: A.Butzmann(at)